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MixesDB restricts certain user rights to different user groups.


Anonymous is everyone who's not logged in. Those can

  • leave comments


Logged in users can additionally

  • create and edit pages
  • move (rename) pages
  • upload files
  • post in the forum

Regular contributors

Users that contribute regulary

  • see less advertising
  • can use features like favorites


Moderators are experienced contributors with advanced user rights. As such they can

  • patrol edits
  • delete pages
  • moderate the forum (not all mods needed for this)
  • advanced features

Atm the following users are mods:

Moderator Origin Languages Specialities
- - Germany German, English House
2257AD UK English House, Techno, Ambient, Chill Out
Arne90 Estonia Estonian, English Drum & Bass
Caffeine205 USA English 90's Techno
Cuchulainn187 Ireland Irish, English UK Hardcore Breakbeat, Techno, 90's Old School
Desk Russia Russian, English House, Progressive House
Dzooky Slovakia Slovak, English House
FreaQ Germany German, English
Geomax Czech Republic Czech, basic English Trance, Progressive, House, Chill Out
Hovercat Techno
MDB Germany German, English House, mid 90's House, Disco
Nelfox5 Belgium French, English Rare Groove, Soul, Funk, Disco & Techno
Nezzy Drum & Bass
Raduna007 Czech Republic Czech, English Progressive, House, Hardstyle, Techno (Hard)
Rap dot com USA
Schizophonic Belgium French, English IDM
Saviour1981 Germany German, English
WiLDLiF3 Trance, Progressive

Admin / Sysop

An admin or "sysop" is not restricted to any user right. MDB (speaks German and English) is the only admin.