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Although we are not operating under US law, we offer takedown notices for copyright holders, because we support the positive effects of the DMCA.

Please note

  • We only embed players from unrelated third party sites like SoundCloud or YouTube, using their own embed widget feature.
    Some podcast files are embedded using the direct URL (ending on e.g. ".mp3") as HTML5 player. We contacted each of these podcast websites and asked for permission to use the described embedding procedure.
    By publishing the material, these websites ("hosting sites") are in full control of the content and responsible for copyright infringement issues.
  • MixesDB does not upload or host any mixes.
  • Our ID samples are low quality samples of unknown tracks with a maximum length of 45 seconds (as you can find in online music shops).
    We separate them from the mix file and upload them under the conditions of fair use: We embed these into incomplete tracklists in order to identify the artist and track name. The samples are removed from mix pages after identification and deleted afterwards.

What to do

If you are or represent the copyright holder of music that is embedded on our site against your will:

Contact us at mixesdb@gmail.com (please include the URL of the page in question).

What we can do

  • We will remove the third party widget players from the mix page if you request that.
  • We will leave a note for contributors not to add new widget players in the future.

What we cannot do

  • We cannot take down any mixes from the internet for you (see above, we don't upload or host any mixes).
    To really take down a mix from the internet you will have to use the DMCA service of the widget player's website or contact the original uploader there.
  • We will not delete the related mix page on MixesDB.
    After removing the third party widget players, the mix page itself still has a value for us (the information about the existence of the mix, the flyers or artwork, the tracklist, the user comments etc.). As a rights holder for music being played in a mix, you cannot request the termination of such a page without that music being accessible.