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Uploading images

For adding images to a Category or Mix page, you need to upload the image first (toolbox > Upload File).


Please don't use images from forums and blogs straight away. Flyers often exist in higher resolution and that's what we want. Avoid using flyers from Resident Advisor, *.blogspot blogs or since those compress images on upload. For better quality try the size filter in the google image search.

Dedicated artwork

Only upload artwork that reads the artist name and / or mix title.

Non-related images are mostly googled and added mandatorily because "it will look cool".

Some hosting services simply require artwork in the upload form, so the user has to add some image. These are not added on the mix page.


Be careful with uploading images from Flickr. Users can license their uploaded images and the default setting is: © All rights are reserved. Such images can not be uploaded elsewhere. Every other license is ok to upload on MixesDB. To find such, use the advanced search on Flickr. On uploading follow these simple rules:

  • don't edit the image file,
  • give credit to the Flickr user.

Add credits in the summary field and maybe use this format: "By [user] via [Flickr image page URL]" (example).

Don't upload images with this Flickr license.
Example of a free Flickr license.

Adding images

After uploading copy the filename and enter it in the code:

Icon Input Description
Editor button - Image.png [[File:|right|350px]] This is the standard image format.
Editor button - Image with page title.png [[File:{{subst:PAGENAME}}.jpg|right|350px]] This is useful when the image should have the same filename as the mix page title (e.g. podcasts). Reminder: PT = "Page Title".

This button is used to insert images. We use the default 'right' (align) and '350px' (width) parameters for easy use on mix pages.

On mix pages the image width can vary dynamically: It will be displayed smaller if the window has not enough space for the default width of 350px.

If an uploaded image is smaller than 350px width, add the smaller with, e.g. [[File:|right|250px]]. Removing the width works the same, but has a major disadvantage: When the small image is replaced by a bigger version, the image is displayed in full size on the mix page(s).

On other pages like your user pages you may want to do more:

Icon Function Input Output
Editor button - Image.png Insert image [[File:Logo.png|left]]Text1<br>Text2
Editor button - Image.png Format image [[File:Logo.png|right|50px]]Text
Editor button - Image.png Thumbnail [[File:Logo.png|thumb|Caption]]Text
Editor button - Image.png Border* [[File:Café d'Anvers.jpg|border|left|100px]]
Café d'Anvers.jpg
Editor button - Image.png No link [[File:Logo.png|link=]] Logo.png

*If "right" is used on mix a page, the light grey border is added automatically. This is useful for images with white background.

Categorizing images

All images should be categorized to the venue, event or podcast categories to which the belonging mix page is categorized as well.

If an image should not show up on the Main Page, add it to Skip Main Page. The Main Page only displays fresh images (images with "2019-02" or "2019-01" in the title). So you only need to add fresh images to that category which shouldn't show up on Main Page.

Artist images

Only categorize images to an artist category if the artist is displayed on the image.

The list of images in an artist's category should be like a gallery of images (as on Discogs and IMDb). So we also remove images from an artist's category when the image is used multiple times (most often happens to podcast images). We only keep the best image of an artist.


File:Jeff Mills.jpg

Jeff Mills.jpg
[[Category:Jeff Mills]]  (artist displayed)

File:2005-10-21 - Jeff Mills @ Womb -4.jpg

2005-10-21 - Jeff Mills @ Womb -4.jpg
[[Category:Jeff Mills]]  (artist displayed)

[[Category:Womb]]  (venue displayed)

Groups of artists

File:Aural Float.jpg

Aural Float.jpg
[[Category:Aural Float]]  (exisitng "group" category), followed by each single member (if possible, from left to right)

[[Category:Pascal FEOS]]
[[Category:Gabriel Le Mar]]
[[Category:Alex Azary]]

Artist logos

Official artist logos are an exception from that rule. Those can be categorized.
File:Soul Clap.png

Soul Clap.png
[[Category:Soul Clap]]

Drawings of an artist can be categorized as long as the artist is recognizable.
2012-12-10 - Trevino - FACT Mix 360.jpg

2012-12-10 - Trevino - FACT Mix 360.jpg

[[Category:FACT Mix]]

Podcast artwork

Podcast artwork usually contains the featured artist. If so, categorize to both. We don't care much about the order of the category names. Examples:

2010-01-07 - Till von Sein - The Adventures Of Soul Clap 63

2010-01-07 - Till von Sein - The Adventures Of Soul Clap 63.jpg
[[Category:The Adventures Of Soul Clap]]  (podcast artwork)

[[Category:Till von Sein]]  (actually it's close to being useless in the artist category as he is displayed very small only)

2010-01-04 - Deadboy - FACT Mix 112

2010-01-04 - Deadboy - FACT Mix 112.jpg
[[Category:FACT Mix]]  (podcast artwork)

(no Deadboy since the used artist image exists in large: File:Deadboy - landscape.jpg)

Promo Mix images

Promo mix artwork should be categorized to Category:Promo Mix. People tend to categorize the artist as well, but remember: Only if the artist is displayed, which is most often not the case. Examples:

2003 - DJ Sneak - Mr. Bojangles (Promo Mix)

2003 - DJ Sneak - Mr. Bojangles.jpg
[[Category:Promo Mix]]

2009-05 - Kevin Saunderson - History Elevate (Promo Mix)

2009-05 - Kevin Saunderson - History Elevate.jpg
[[Category:Promo Mix]]
[[Category:Kevin Saunderson]]  (artist displayed)

1996-02-15 - Autechre - Live @ Flex, Vienna
This club recording was released as unofficial CDR. The artwork of this CDR is used on the mix page and categorized to Category:Promo Mix while the mix page is not. That's because club recordings cannot be promo mixes, so the mix is categorized to Category:Flex.

1996-02-15 - Autechre (Live PA) @ Flex, Vienna (CDR) -1.jpg
[[Category:Promo Mix]]

2010-05-08 - Pervert @ Analogical Force, Specka, Madrid
This club recording comes with an own artwork. Since this is not related to the event or club (no flyer), it goes into Category:Misc Images.

2010-05-08 - Pervert @ Analogical Force.jpg
[[Category:Pervert]]  (artist displayed)
[[Category:Misc Images]]

Big events

Big events like the the WMC and the Sonar Festival consist of multiple events. Mix pages of such include the image of the event and the big event theme image.

Example: 2010-03-27 - Heidi @ Get Physical Party, Charcoal Studio, WMC

2010-03-2X - WMC.png
2010-03-27 - Get Physical Varsity Workout Warehouse Party, Charcoal Studio, WMC.jpg
[[Category:WMC]]  (main event)
[[Category:Charcoal Studio]]  (flyer of the club)

In combination

Sometimes there are many different types of images used. For example when a podcast is a club recording.

Example: 2009-07-11 - Cosmic Twins @ ageHa, Tokyo - Resident Advisor (RA.186, 2009-12-21)

2009-12-21 - Cosmic Twins - Resident Advisor (RA.186).jpg
[[Category:Resident Advisor Podcast]]  (podcast artwork)
[[Category:Francois K]]  (artist displayed)
(Derrick May image exists in large)
2009-07-11 - Cosmic Twins @ ageHa, Tokyo.jpg

[[Category:ageHa]]  (flyer of the club)
(artists displayed too small, Derrick May image exists in large)

2009-07-11 - Cosmic Twins @ ageHa, Tokyo - photo.jpg
[[Category:ageHa]]  (club displayed)
[[Category:Derrick May]]  (artist displayed)
[[Category:Francois K]]  (artist displayed)


  • CD covers (e.g. for commercial Mix CDs) should not be uploaded in the highest quality available! 500px as max dimension should be enough.
  • How to convert text on images to plain text? See Tracklist Images.

You may want to use image galleries on your user pages. They should be avoided on mix pages.

File:Logo.png|Some Caption
File:Logo.png|Some '''Caption'''
Some text.

Some text.

The gallery floats on the right and the thumbnails size is reduced.

<gallery align="right" widths="100px" heights="100px">
File:Logo.png|Some Caption
File:Logo.png|Some Caption
Some text.

Some text.

To continue with text below the gallery you can add {{clear}}.


How can I export images from PDF files?

You can easily extract images from PDF files. In PDF-XChange Viewer it's File > Export > Export to Image... (see screenshot). In Adobe Reader (not recommended anyway) the path is similar (File > Save as > Image).

For non-photographic images like flyers and textual graphics we recommend to save in PNG format.

How can I find "similar images?

Google's image search let's you "find similar images" or "more sizes" on image search results. Further options:

  • Drag 'n' drop an image into Google's search bar
  • Install a simple browser plugin for a new right-click context menu option "Google this image": Firefox / Chrome
  • On image pages you can also use the Google page title icon Google favicon.png which will perform an image search based on the tile. Advanced users will be taken to a content search based on the title and similar images. This lets you search for other quality versions or similar images of this file and finds other websites using this or similar images.