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This help section is for moderators.

Patrolling edits

Changes listed on Special:RecentChanges can be marked as patrolled:

Then it's easer to go through new changes when you hide patrolled edits:

Recent Changes - Mod options.png

So when you check a change and it's ok or you will fix it, marked it as patrolled to save others the double effort.

When you check recent changes on a regular basis you could set this bookmark: All namespaces except User, hide patrolled edits, hide edits by mods.

Creating a "Quick Go" redirect

Most famous categories have a short redirect. E.g. entering em in the search box and hitting "Go" will redirect you to Category:Essential Mix. If such a short redirect exists for a category, it's stated on the right side of the category page.

Creating new redirects: First of all these should only be created for long category names and for categories which a worth it (regular or big ones). They should all be lower case (easier to type for the user) and not use more than 4 characters.

Example: We want Category:Resident Advisor Podcast to be accessable via ra:

  1. Go to Category:Resident Advisor Podcast and copy the name "Resident Advisor". Go to the desired short form Category:ra (by changing the url in your browser address bar manually) and "create" it. Use the #REDIRECT[[:Category:]] code from the bottom code list and paste the copied name.
  2. Click the redirect link (to Category:Resident Advisor Podcast), edit the category and and the {{Go|ra}} code above the first text row.
  3. Try the now short code if it really redirects to the desired category. Actually you can skip the check when the redirect link in step 2 works.

Deleting categories

Categories shouldn't be deleted due to a search bug. Instead, the category page should redirect to the correct one: Use #REDIRECT[[:Category:]]. Example: Category:DOP

If there is no category page to redirect to, you can redirect to the search result using {{subst:CatMoveSearch}}.

These pages can be edited via the icon on the search result:

CatMoveSearch link edit on search result.png