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A collection of essential freeware for downloading, browsing and file management.

Downloading & file managing

  • DownThemAll! and FlashGot are the best download managers for Firefox.
  • JDownloader is a very powerful mass download manager for one-click-hosters and non-downloadable players. Listing all features would be too much, but for instance it can grab all downloadable files by just copying text links or by entering a website URL.
  • Download helpers can download stream files from non-downloadable players. We recommend DownloadHelper (Firefox) and FVD Video Downloader (Chrome).
  • FreeCommander is a proper Windows file explorer. The main advantages are tabs for folders and the split mode view (screenshots). You will never use the Windows Explorer again! If you use Windows 7 and it doesn't run stable, try Explorer++.
  • Format Factory converts hundreds of file formats. It's easy as 1, 2, 3.
    Install with care: The installation routine wants to add useless toolbars and crap.
  • MediaInfo displays the most relevant technical and tag data for video and audio files.
  • TrayBackup (German) is a fully customizable tool for regular backup routines.


  • Winamp is the standard mp3 player for Windows PCs. If you still use the useless and evil Windows Media Player you should get Winamp.
    Install with care: The installation routine wants to add useless toolbars and crap.
  • Foobar is a lightweight audio player with many features such as converting, mass tagging and tons of community plugins. The interface is fully customizable and it plays more audio formats than Winamp by default.
  • VLC plays everything (audio, video, DVD) but is pretty unhandy for audio files.
  • Media Player Classic is more stable for HD video than VLC. It's not related to the evil Windows Media Player or Microsoft.


  • MP3Gain lets you gain the volume of mp3s in a batch process (multiple files or folders at once) so all mp3s have the same volume. It writes the new volume information in the header of the file, so there's no re-encoding or quality loss. We recommend 93 dB.
  • MP3DirectCut lets you edit, split and merge mp3 files directly without re-encoding or quality loss.
  • LameDrop is a tool to encode wav or flac to mp3. Just set the quality and drag'n'drop the files into it. LAME is the best mp3 encoder around. See more audio encoding tools on
  • Mp3tag is a powerful tag editor to manage tags of mp3 and other audio formats. It also handles artwork much better than Winamp.

Other browser plugins

  • MozBackup is not a Firefox add-on but lets you backup your Mozilla applications such as Firefox including all favorites, add-ons, settings, history, cookies, saved passwords, etc. Useful for laptop synchronisation or fresh OS installations. We recommend to back up regulary as password-protected file.
  • ProxTube unblocks videos that are blocked for your country easily. Supported countries: Germany, Netherlands, Spain, maybe more. Not US compatible.
  • TabSubmit lets you open forms in a new tab by clicking Ctrl or control + (click) or (middleclick).
  • Problematic add-ons:
  • Help:about:config lists some useful tweaks.
  • Download Manager: Chrome's built-in download manager is quite useless. It doesn't even download big files with simultaneous connections. We recommend to integrate an external download manager: Install a download manager of your choice (we recommend Free Download Manager for Windows) and integrate it with the plugin Downloaders.

Javascript scripts for your browser

Some websites use tracklist formats which make it impossible to detect the artist, track and label after copy-pasting in the Tracklist Editor.

Therefor you can use a browser add-on that changes the website content using Javascript (and CSS).

Our scripts make it easier to get full artwork, upload dates, and to copy file details and tracklists.

Example: BBC returns an ugly format on copy-paste.
With our Javascript fix the content looks like this afterwards.

Browser Addon

Install a browser addon that allows user scripts.


After installing the browser addon, you can install the scripts by just clicking "Install the script" below. Then check the example links.

If you're running script blocker addons like "ScriptSafe" or "NoScript" and you see no changes or things don't seem to work:

  • Allow scripts from (if tracklists are added).
  • Try allowing some major scripts from that website and reload the page.

Automatic updates: The scripts are under continuous development. Enable automatic script updates in your addon to get the latest version automatically. We inform about updates in the forum.


Install the script

  • Highlight favorited players
  • Remove right sidebar (disable the plugin if you want to see it)
  • Use full width for the players
  • Improve layout on small browser windows
  • Playlist sets: Add links to open each player
  • Player pages:
    • Fix ugly layout
    • Upload date with last modification date
    • Artwork links on player pages
    • File deatails for copy paste (including file size for non-downloadable files and fixed duration)
    • Precise comment dates
  • Stream lists:
    • Option to hide/show playlist sets, reposts, liked tracks and short tracks under 20 mins duration (the last is Chrome only)
    • Remove [X] players (for the current session only), prevents window overload
    • Notice popups removed

Note: While surfing on the site some pimp features may not load correctly. Reload the page manually if needed.

Hidden tracks in SoundCloud streams
SoundCloud player pages

Install the script

  • Player site: Add upload date, link to the API output, forced link to the JundoDownload page (currently not in Firefox and Safari)
  • User profile pages:
    • Use smaller boxes for each player
    • [X] Remove players (for the current session only)

Note: While surfing on the site some pimp features may not load correctly. Reload the page manually if needed.


Install the script


Install the script

Resident Advisor

Install the script

  • Make huge header images smaller
  • Add charts in a copy-paste textarea

Install the script

  • Remove "Featured Channels" section on start and player pages
  • Add tracklists formatted in a copy-paste textarea
  • Fix dark layout elements
  • Show the embed URL directly
Pimp Bundle 1

Install the script

The "Pimp Bundle 1" pimps various websites:

Pimp Bundle 2

Install the script

The "Pimp Bundle 2" pimps various websites:


Trackspotters are apps or tools which can recognize tracknames just by playing it for a few seconds.

  • Shazam is the best tool for spotting tracks from all kinds of genres. It's available for various mobile devices and for selected desktop OS.
  • SoundHound is an alternative to Shazam, but doesn't know much eletronic dance music.
Windows PC

Currently we don't know of any useful Windows tool for trackspotting.

  • You may want to try Midomi which works online but with microphone input only. It's the non-app version of SoundHound, so it works with the same track database.
  • Tunatic is recommended as Windows alternative very often on the web, but the suggestions are wrong most of the time and it doesn't know much EDM. It works with soundcard input tho.

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