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This page explains different ways to search on MixesDB.

The simple search box on the left sidebar searches all namespaces you defined as default in your user preferences/Search. If your search term matches a category name, you'll be taken there directly (Go button function).

Note that cretain words are ignored in the search query: "live ", "@ ", and "at ".

  • Put words in quotes to find them exactly in that order. Example: "i found you".
  • Wildcards: Your search is automatically truncated at the end. Searching for toky will find "tokyo" etc. To override this behaviour, put the keyowrd(s) in quotes, e.g. "toky".
  • Most famous categories have a short redirect. E.g. entering em in the search box and hitting "Go" will redirect you to Category:Essential Mix. If such a short redirect exists for a category, it's stated on the right side of the category page ("quick go").
  • You can also search for durations. So if you want find that 93:35 min Adam Beyer set at Awakenings that is currently playing in your player, search "beyer awakenings 93" (since seconds vary from player to player, it's better to search only the minute).


MixesDB:Explorer enables browsing tracklists, file details, players, charts, images and a lot more.

Page title icons

Page icons section (may look similar)

Content namespaces have page icons in the upper right. These are actually self explaining. E.g. the Google icon will open a new browser tab and search the page title on Google. If you're unhappy with the results for mix titles, change the search string in the search box (e.g. remove the date). This mainly happens when there are too many words.

The Google icon doesn't appear on pages where the title doesn't make sense to google, e.g. the Main Page or the main categories like "Artist" or "2005". For the Google haters: We tried other search engines, but unfortunately there is no serious alternative... FYI: Yahoo! uses the search index of Bing (by Microsoft).

Note: We track the clicks on the page icons (user name, date, source page and target page) in order to improve the user experience based on typical behaviour.

Please read our privacy policy about social plugins.

Special:LinkSearch lets you search external links on MixesDB per domain.

Similar images

Google's image search let's you "find similar images" or "more sizes" on image search results. Further options:

  • Drag 'n' drop an image into Google's search bar
  • Install a simple browser plugin for a new right-click context menu option "Google this image": Firefox / Chrome
  • On image pages you can also use the Google page title icon Google favicon.png which will perform an image search based on the tile. Advanced users will be taken to a content search based on the title and similar images. This lets you search for other quality versions or similar images of this file and finds other websites using this or similar images.