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Edit toolbar

Icon Function Input Output
Editor button - List.png Line Break
(as explained in File Details / Notes & Tracklist)
row 1
row 2
row 3
row 1

row 2

row 3
(as explained in File Details / Notes & Tracklist)
row 1<br>

row 2

row 1
row 2
Editor button - Bold.png Bold or strong emphasis '''abc''' abc
Editor button - Italic.png Italic or emphasis ''abc'' abc
Editor button - Comment.png Hidden comment
Enables leaving text not being displayed on normal page view. It will only be seen when editing the page. Useful to leave tracklist comments and making AKA's and typical typos searchable.
<!-- Hidden -->
Input Output
Internal link
(links to database pages)
[[2003 - Luke Vibert @ Atlantis]]
[[2003 - Luke Vibert @ Atlantis|Alternative Link Text]]
[[:Category:The Chosen Few]]
[[:Category:The Chosen Few|]]
[[:Category:The Chosen Few|Some Text]]
[[Help:General|Link to General Help]]
{{edit|Help:General|Edit me}}
2003 - Luke Vibert @ Atlantis
Alternative Link Text
Category:The Chosen Few
The Chosen Few
Some Text
Link to General Help
 Edit me
External link
(any URL)
[ your text]
your text

Internal links: Whenever a linked page doesn't exist, the link appears in red. E.g. [[Test123]] returns Test123.

To create links that open in a new tab add the link in an element with the class "targetBlank".

Input Output

* <span class="targetBlank">[[Help:General]]</span>
* <span class="targetBlank"></span>
* <span class="targetBlank">[ SC]</span>

Note: Use them only on your own user pages. For content pages etc., users should be able to decide themself if they want to open a link in a new tab or not.

If you want all external links on MixesDB to open in new tabs, there's a user preference under [Misc]: "Open external links External 2.png in a new tab / window."

To exlude the external link icon from links you can put the URL code inside an element with the class "plainlinks", e.g. <span class="plainlinks">[ Google]</span> returns Google.

This should not be over-used since it confuses users.

Links to will hide the icon by default.


To format text in colors you need the span tag and hexadecimal color codes. Example:

Input   uses     Output
<span class="grey">Grey</span> color:#828282; Grey
<span class="green">Green</span>   color:#090; Green
<span class="red">Red</span> color:#FF0000; Red


Below some pre-formatted tables you can copy-paste by editing this page. For more see

Simple  Table
Aaa Bbb
Ccc Ddd

Invisible Table:

1 2
3 4

Alternating row colors:

1 2 3
1a 2a 3a
1b 2b 3b
1c 2c 3c
4c 4c 4c


How can I change the size of the edit box?

To change the default size of the edit field go to your user preferences > Editing and change the rows / cols setting.