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Below a list of special database pages. Most of them are only useful for maintenance.


Legal stuff: About, Privacy policy, Legal stuff
Statistics System-generated MixesDB statistics.
Recent changes Recent changes to mix pages, categories, comments, images etc.
Players Audio Players: SoundCloud, Mixcloud, hearthis.at, PodOmatic, play.fm, Podbean.com, Internet Archive, samurai.fm, Direct Players, Other Audio Players
Video Players: Vimeo, b@TV, YouTube, Other Video Players

Mix Pages

Hottest mixes The hottest mix pages.
New mix pages As displayed on the Main Page.
Most edited Mix pages that have been edited most (number revisions). Note that on 2008-02-29 all old revisions have been deleted.
Long pages Mix pages with a lot of text content.
Short pages Mix pages with very little text content.
Hot discussions Mix pages with the most comment text.
Most categories Mix pages with the most categories.
Curios Lists mixes that are somehow special (long mixes, megamixes, etc).


New images New uploaded images in a gallery.
ID sample list Lists all mp3s in the database. We're working on a better view.
Upload log When you enter your name it lists your files only.
All files Lists all 85,527 files; sortable by date, name or filesize.
Most used files Files that are most used on mix pages and categories.
Unused files Quite useless gallery of unused files.
Wanted files Pages embedding nonexistent images or files.

Image Categories

Misc images Images that can't be categorized into existing categories.
Tracklist images Tracklists given as images (should be plain text).
Bad images Images that are of bad quality or just too small.
System images Images we use for the website and Help pages.


All categories All categories, sorted by name.
Most linked to Categories which have most subcategories, files or mix pages.
Hidden categories These categories are hidden when you view a page. They are used internally and for maintenance.
Regular cats Regular & active shows and podcasts.


Contribution scores A list of the top contributors.
New users A list of new user registrations.
All users A list of all 18,585 registered accounts.


MixesDB:Line-ups Archive of event line-ups.
External links search Search for external links.
Special:Prefixindex Find subpages.
Special:ListRedirects A list of redirects.
Special:SpecialPages More special pages.