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This page lists things that need to be checked regularly or things that need to be done one day. Your help is appreciated :)

See also Maintenance categories.

Mistakes in mix pages

This section lists mix pages that obviously have mistakes like wrong or no categories. If no mix pages are listed everything is fine.

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Regular checks

Here are some things that should be checked and fixed regularly.

Tracklist categories by page size Possible wrong tracklist categorization based on page size.
New w/o player New mixes without a player (fresh & hot).
External links External links report. Use the "Check response"-option to validate the URLs automatically.
MC tracklist check Find automated tracklists on Mixcloud players. (offset 30).
SC tracklist check Check SoundCloud comments for tracklists.
Future dates Check if mix pages accidently use a future date. "Move" to fix the title.
New comments Recent changes: New comments only
Dead discussion pages Talk pages with no associated mix page.
Wanted files Pages embedding nonexistent images or files.
Video = audio? Check videos if they're audio only and add |video=audio where needed. Sorted by the date of the last edit. [last check = 2013-09-14]
Electro check Check Category:Electro and Electronica for false categorization (usually Progressive).
Dead file links These file links may be wrong.
Uncategorized files File pages that are not categorized yet.
Empty categories Correctly created categories but with no mix pages in them. Mostly caused by editing or deleting a mix page. No category should be listed. Don't delete listed categories, instead make them redirect to the correct category (using #REDIRECT[[:Category:]]) or add {{subst:CatMoveSearch}} to redirect to the search.
Uncategorized pages Should only include the Main Page, if you see any other page listed, please fix it.
Replace text
  • In Tracklist: complete - # ?\n and # ID\n and . ID\n and . ?\n and \n-- and \n...
  • | - @ | and | @ - | in titles
Catsort Club ..., Sala ..., Radio ...
New style? Somebody created a new Style category? Must be maintained by MDB.

Help identifying

Please help identifying our unknown categories and ID samples.

ID Categories This is a list of categories that could not be put into main categories yet because they are unknown. If you know one of these and it fits to the mix listed, please add them to e.g. Venue, Event, Misc or whatever is correct by hitting the according button on the edit page.
ID Sample List This is a list of all unknown ID samples. If you recognize a track, please post on the according mix page via the file page.
Unknown Artist This subcategory lists all sets where the Artist is unknown. If you know one of these, please post a comment to discuss or edit and move (rename) the mix page and replace the "Unknown Artist" by the according artist name.
Category:Unknown Gig / Location This subcategory lists all sets where the venue or event or radio show is unknown or not clear which information to set as category. If you know one of these because you have set, please edit the mix page and replace the "Unknown Gig" by the according name.
Unknown Radio Station This subcategory lists known radio shows with unknown radio stations.