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User registration

Definitely register your own user account when you want to contribute.

With your own account you can set your own user preferences, e.g. set your time zone or customize your search result view, etc.

You can also edit pages, upload files, etc. See Help:User Rights for more information.

Profile pages

After registration your user page reads a default message. You can easily edit it. You're completely free about what to add to your profile page with the normal Editing & formatting options. As an example see User:TestUser, User:Caffeine205 or User:Geomax. You can copy the layout from any page on MixesDB by copy-pasting and tweaking it to your own needs. Only you are able to edit your own profile pages.

User subpages

Log in to create pages.

You can create subpages like this: Either you

  • go to MixesDB:Add a new mix and add User: page as new title
  • or you add the new title to the URL in your brower's adress bar: page.


On top of every page is a [watch] link (when logged in). By clicking it the page will be added to your watchlist. With having a mix in your watchlist you will be notified per E-mail whenever the page is edited or a comment is posted. This can be useful if you want a tracklist for a mix or if you have a Sample ID added.

You can enable E-mail notification in your preferences, so you'll be informed via e-mail whenever a mix page in your watchlist is changed. If you think you don't receive mails from MixesDB, check your spam / junk mail folder and mark us as "no spam".


You can add mix pages, charts, files and categories as favorites (more).

You can create your own sidebar box for "quick links".

Your own sidebar box can contain as many links and text as you want.

Personal hidden content

To add content to your user page that only you can see (when you're logged in) add the following:

Hidden text here

Note: In case you use the pipe-symbol | inside the private text, replace it with {{!}}. Don't save sensitive data this way...

Renaming your account

Just send a message to MDB with your new user name.

Deleting your account

You can't delete your account yourself, just send a message to MDB. Your account would then be merged with User:Anonymous.