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This page describes how to add new mixes using templates.

Creating new mix pages for regular radio shows and podcasts is much easier when you use templates. Example: {{AddMix/Resident Advisor Podcast}} returns:

The left section includes an input box where you can fill the new mix page title. The right section reads

  • the last mix added
  • custom links
  • links to edit the form, template and the intro text (if used).

After clicking "Create" the edit page will load the following pre-filled template:


== File Details ==


== Notes & Tracklist ==


[[Category:Resident Advisor Podcast]]
[[Category:Tracklist: complete]]

This is much easier to fill than starting from scratch again every week.

The edit page will load in preview mode with some instructions on top. You can also click the red image link which will lead you to the upload form with a pre-filled image title.

To use this box you only need to add {{AddMix/Resident Advisor Podcast}} to a user subpage.

Create your own "Add Mix" page

Log in to create your own page.

Click here to create "User: Mix".

Automatically from your favorites

This lists "AddMix" templates from your favorite categories.

  • If you miss a category, you may have it not favorited yet or you need to create an AddMix template.
  • If a defunct podcast or show is listed, request the deletion of the AddMix template for that category, e.g. in the forum.

It's cached for 2 minutes, but the cache can be purged.

Add this code to a user sub page:

== My favorites categories ==

{{AddMix templates from my favorite categories}}

To exlude categories from the list use not= and sepearte multiple titles with ¦:

{{AddMix templates from my favorite categories|not=Boiler Room¦Essential Mix}}


Example pages using templates:

Replace "(Add your TOCs here)" with your list of {{AddMix TOC|...}}.

Replace "(Add your "Add Mix" templates here)" with your list of {{AddMix/...}}.

A list of existing templates can be found here.

Create new templates

On Template:Add Mix you can create new templates.

Empty "Add a new mix" form

Too add the same box as on use {{Add a new mix}}