2012-01-24 - Pete Dafeet - January 2012 Mix (Promo Mix)

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1:05:27 149.84 320


  1. Pete Dafeet - Stutter [Lost My Dog]
  2. Jon Delerious - Remember [Lost My Dog]
  3. Zeque & Marcelo Nassi - Sweet House (LondonGround Remix) [I!]
  4. Shades of Gray - Sometimes [Lost My Dog]
  5. Dale Howard - Merrt (Ian Pooley remix) [Lost My Dog]
  6. Agaric - Who Made Up The Rules (Josh Wink remix) [Ovum Recordings]
  7. Rozzo - Meta003.1 [Trackdown]
  8. Rob Mello Feat. Cecile - Fantasize (Matt Tolfrey remix) [Classic]
  9. Superfunk Feat. Ron Carroll - Lucky Star (Solomun Remix) [Noir Music]
  10. Saturn Never Sleeps - Take It Out (Sean Thomas Drumsong remix) [Saturn Never Sleeps]
  11. Disco Nihilist - Coffee and a Worn Paperback [Running Back]
  12. Nightmares On Wax Feat. Desoto - Set Me Free (Piano Dub) [Warp]

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