2012-02-28 - Michael Gray - February Promo Mix (Best Of Mix)

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  1. Cicada - Electric Blue (Beautiful) (Michael Gray Dub Mix) [Critical Mass]
  2. Danisim Feat. Haze - Strike (Michael Gray Remix) [MN2S]
  3. Scape - Be My Friend (Michael Gray Dub Mix) [Ocean Trax]
  4. Michael Gray Feat. Steve Edwards - Somewhere Beyond [Eye Industries]
  5. Michael Gray Feat. Shelly Poole - Borderline [Eye Industries]
  6. Michael Gray & Danisim Feat. Lisa Millet - Say Yes [Defected]
  7. Michael Gray & Danisim Feat. Rae - You Will Remember [Defected]
  8. Visage - Fade To Grey (Michael Gray Remix) [MN2S]
  9. Splitter - All Alone (Michael Gray Remix) [Big & Dirty]
  10. Michael Gray - Ready For This? (Robot Man) [Phonetic]
  11. Michael Gray, Marco Lys & Plastik Planet - Flashbacks [Strictly Rhythm]
  12. Michael Gray - The Weekend [Eye Industries]
  13. People From Mars - Just Can't Sleep (Michael Gray Original Mix) [Neon Wave]
  14. Gary Go - Open Arms (Michael Gray Remix) [Polydor]

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