2011-12-02 - Lars Behrenroth, Deepgroove - Deeper Shades Of House 378

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Lars Behrenroth
  1. Floating Points - Myrtle Avenue (Shadows EP) [Eglo]
  2. Alton Miller & Stephane Vera - Stars In Your Eyes (Andre Lodemann Dub) [Mixed Signals Music]
  3. Sello - With You (Baldo Remix) [Wazi Wazi]
  4. Shaboom - If You Need Me (Larse Remix) [Shaboom]
  5. Henry L & Ingo Saenger - Dreadnought [Farside]
  6. Garnica - We Want A Girl [Galaktika]
  7. Andy Ash - Distro Yet (Broken Nights EP) [Black Key]
  8. Ron Deacon Feat. The Kat - Electronic Music [Phil Rec.]
  9. Rainer Trueby - Jeck (Marcus Worgull Dub) [Compost Black]
  1. Stephen Rigmaiden - In The Drums (Jesus Gonsev Remix) [Centric Music]
  2. Zakes Bantwini - Wasting My Time (Rocco Remix) [RealToneRecords]
  3. Reel People Feat. Tony Momrelle - Star (Rocco Underground Mix) [Reel People Music]
  4. DJ Ra Soul - Take It Slow [SoSound]
  5. Matt Samuels Feat. Joel Edwards - Love Begins (DJ Pp Remix) [Toolroom]
  6. Mastercris - So Much Love [Grouper]
  7. Yotam Avni - What Is Deep (Promo By Yotam Avni)
  8. Vincenzo And Aram - The Backyard [Dessous]
  9. Will Saul And Tam Cooper - Hi Lo (Art Department Mix) [Simple]
  10. Pezzner Feat. Gryffyn - Try It Again [PurpSoul]
  11. Greymatter - Tesla [Wolf Music]

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