2011-11-09 - Gilles Peterson, Anthony Joseph - Gilles Peterson Worldwide

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This week, Gilles is joined by Trinidian poet Anthony Joseph, who's third album with the Spasm Band drops this week on the French Heavenly Sweetness label. Anthony discusses leaving his homeland, discovering poetry, the making of 'Rubber Orchestras' and his connection with Jerry Dammers of The Specials!


Chapter 1
  1. Charles Earland - Coming To You Live
  2. Amy Winehouse & Nas - Like Smoke [Island]
  3. The Roots - Make My [Okay Player]
  4. Willie Hutch - Brother's Gonna Work It Out (Kon Edit)
  5. Lana Del Rey - Videogames (Joy Orbison Remix)
  6. Rough Field - The Harbour Wall
  7. Bomp Shop
  8. Roy Brookes & The Improvisational Sphere - Basketball
  9. Dimlite - You Very Rich Believer [Now Again]
  10. Shabazz Palaces - Endeavors For Never (The Last Time We Spoke You Said You Were Not Here) [Sub Pop]
  11. Bixiga 70 - Desengano De Vista
  12. East Of Underground - Smiling Faces Sometimes [Wax Poetics]
  13. DJ Shadow - Sad And Lonely
  14. Mind Fair - Mind Fair [International Feel]
  15. Liz Green - Ostrich Song [Play It Again Sam]
  16. Nat Birchell - Ancient World [Gondwana]
Anthony Joseph Interview
  1. Anthony Joseph And The Spasm Band - Started As A Dancer [Heavenly Sweetness]
  2. Mighty Sparrow - Bongo [BLS]
  3. Anthony Joseph And The Spasm Band - Tanty Lynn [Heavenly Sweetness]
  4. Anthony Joseph And The Spasm Band - Damballah [Heavenly Sweetness]
  5. Anthony Joseph And The Spasm Band - Hummingbird [Kindred Spirits]
  6. Anthony Joseph And The Spasm Band - Griot [Heavenly Sweetness]
  7. Anthony Joseph And The Spasm Band - Generation [Heavenly Sweetness]
Chapter 3
  1. Ye Mighty - Fuse [First Word]
  2. Amy Winehouse Feat. Nas - Like Smoke [Island]
  3. Teedra Moses - Get Free [Maybach Music Group]
  4. Leon Ware - Orchards For The Sun [Quieres Chicle]
  5. Robert Glasper Experiment Feat. King - Move Love [Blue Note]
  6. Restless Soul Fun Band - Taking Over Me [Restless Soul]
  7. Stee Downes - I Want You In My Soul [Winding Road]
  8. Dexter - Zamba [Rush Hour]
  9. Django - Waveforms [Because]
  10. Lord Echo - Long Time No See [Brooklyn's B**tard Jazz]
  11. Plearn Promdan - Wan Maha Sanook [Warp]
  12. Onra - A New Dynasty [All City]
  13. Jon Wayne - Immobile [Pup]
  14. Willie Burns - Another Night [Crème Organization]

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