2011-10-19 - Amit Shoham - Noice!, Proton Radio

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Standard Show
This show or mix is ~1 hour long.
Different file versions may exist.


  1. Little Fritter & Zare - I Want It Back [Hudd Traxx]
  2. Marvin Zeyss - In My Arms (Giom Remix) [Um]
  3. Howard Sessions - Barking (Jesus Pablo Remix) [Lost My Dog]
  4. Hamza Feat. Yougnchen Lhamo - Wind Horse Rising [Wind Horse]
  5. Ben Gomori - No Man Is An Island (Denny's Bak 2 Jak Remix) [Baker Street]
  6. Questionmarkq - September On Fire [Vison Collective]
  7. Nil By Mouth - Calcaneus (Yapacc Remix) [Trazable]
  8. Stranger Danger - Next Knock (Amit Shoham Remix) [Tarantic]
  9. Autodeep - For Too Long (Toomy Disco Remix) [Umalu]
  10. Ara Simonian - Cds On Chin (Amit Shoham Remix) [Noice!]
  11. Matt Masters - This And That (Pol On Remix) [Beef]
  12. Rob Slac & Alec - Sounds Right (Pezzener Remix) [Chillin]
  13. Rob Clarke - Gravity (Mike Jules Mid 90s Basement Mix) [Headtunes]
  14. Peckos - Mail From Nowhere [Headtunes]

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