2009-02-25 - The Timewriter - Plastic City Radio Show

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Standard Show
This show or mix is ~1 hour long.
Different file versions may exist.




  1. Vas Floyd Feat. Mr. Jones - Deep House Soul (String Mix) [Night Drive Music]
  2. Baaz Feat. Knarf Skipson - Just About [Sthlmaudio]
  3. Agoria Feat. Scalde - Dust (Oxia Remix) [Different]
  4. DKMA presents Andrastea - Reckless Mix Feat. Jeff Ramsey [Plastic City]
  5. The Timewriter - Going Back [Plastic City]
  6. Burnski - Flight (JP's Sky High Mix) [Exquisite Music]
  7. Mastra - Shade [Kaato Music]
  8. William Besson - Come Around (Terry Lee Brown Junior Remix) [Timid]
  9. Raf 'N' Soul Feat. Tony Marino - Man On The Prowl (Raf $ Main Mix) [Gotta Keep Faith]
  10. Franksen & Tom Wax - Salvation [Cécille]

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