2006-10-27 - Fatboy Slim @ BBC Electric Proms

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  1. Des Lynam - Rokafeller Skank
  2. Ballistic Brothers - Perfect Day
  3. Deaf Micks - Throwdown
  4. Bozo Meeko Featuring The Amazing Sideshow Bob And Those Amazing Bongo Beats - Is It Indare? (Strapped)
  5. King Bee - Back By Dope Demand (Torso)
  6. Rock Master Scott And The Dynamic Three - The Roof Is On Fire (Remix)
  7. Bitch - That Hip Hop Track (Bitch Test)
  8. Wildchild - Renegade Master (Fatboy Slim Old Skool Mix) (Hi Life)
  9. Deeds Plus Thoughts - The Whole World's Made Up Of This & That (Fatboy Slim Remix) (Wig Shaker)
  10. Freestylers - Breaks Beats (Freskanova)
  11. Bassbin Twins - Vol 1 Side 2 Track 2
  12. Kenickie - I Would Fix You (Mint Royale Mix)
  13. Josh Wink vs Public Enemy - Higher State Of Public Enemy
  14. Alex Gopher - Party Acapella (Solid)
  15. Sagat - Luvstuff (FFRR)
  16. K.U.N.G - Jammin Unit (FFRR)
  17. Fatboy Slim - Going Out Of My Head (Skint)
  18. Fatboy Slim vs Eminem - Slim Tomatoes
  19. Natural Born Chillers - Rock The Funky Beat (Urban Takeover)
  20. Fatbiy Slim vs The Automatic - Monster
  21. Fatboy Slim - Rockafeller Skank (The Automatic Remix) (Skint)

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This DJ Mix is just amazing. Here's The Track listing

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