1999-04-10 - Steve Mason - Experience, BFBS

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File details

Standard Show
This show or mix is ~2 hours long.
Different file versions may exist.


Hour 1
  1. Killer Loop Music Inside End
  2. Olav Basoski Can't Hold Me Back Work Samplitude Vol 6
  3. Get Funky Get Down Swinger Rec
  4. City Of 3000 Years Meteorite Wave Taka 3
  5. General Midi vs Lurch Outa Orbit Plant Breaks 001; Freebase Break LP
  6. R-Cycle The Pressure [Calvin Squad Mad Guitar Mix] Noise Traxx
  7. DJ Dick L.O.S.T. Low Spirit; 1993
  8. No Artist Credits EP Strive 002
  9. Pure Tribal Feel Alright Ulr; 1993?
Hour 2
  1. Speedy J Ieee Mitten Menu [Mrit Mix] Novamute
  2. No Artist Credits Remixed By Gaetano Parisio Audio 9
  3. Air Liquide - Liquide Air E.P. (Liquid Men With Liquid Hearts) [Blue 003]
  4. Kool + The Gang Always [Centrefold Disco Dub] Clip Recordings
In The Mix
  1. Aubrey Round The Loop Sg 18; Mysterious Rhythms Vol 2
  2. Pete Hellers Big Love Essential Rec
  3. Crazy Carnals Keep Dancing Hot Dogs Traxx
  4. No Artist Credits EP Cycle 4
  5. No Artist Credits Spacecops 2 Tt501
  6. Shock System Disco Inferno EP Tortured
  7. Stephen Brown Brownville Djax Up Beats

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