1999-03-27 - Steve Mason - Experience, BFBS

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File details

Standard Show
This show or mix is ~2 hours long.
Different file versions may exist.


Hour 1
  1. Green Velvet Save The World Music Man; Constant Chaos LP
  2. Leon Alexander EP Hope Rec 6
  3. Olav Basoski Lumberjack Rhythm Junkie Work; Samplitude Vol 6
  4. First Sine Expanse Primate 2; 1996
  5. Chaser Tall Stories [Pooleys Deep Mix] Soma
  6. Elektrochemie Lk Da Phonk [Positive Vibes Remix] Confused; 1995
  7. Tichy Forgotten Realms Fiebar Re; Versatile Virus EP
  8. Joff Roack Moco Jawa Smoke Free
  9. Nathalie De Borah Heart But House [Ian Pooley Mix] Force Inc
Hour 2 - In The Mix
  1. Instant Disco Ebony + Ivory Royal Phunk
  2. Morgan Renis Chuggin Offshoot
  3. Raw Tear The Monkies Head Off Eukatech
  4. The Freak Funky Latinos 2 Specials
  5. Joff Roach Commercial Break Tri Lamb
  6. Oxia Fresh Goodlife
  7. Quarck + DJ San Statement Part Of Deal Rec
  8. 2 Bald Men Acid Phunk Experience 2000
  9. Air 69 Decadence Yeti
  10. Marco Bailey Kiezel Intense Rec
  11. Yamaoka Air Line Kazumi
  12. No Artist Credits Da Loop Aquatrax X
  13. No Artist Credits EP Re-Load; Promo
  14. Trapeze Artists Sticker Dub Highwire

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