1999-03-20 - Steve Mason - Experience, BFBS

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File details

Standard Show
This show or mix is ~2 hours long.
Different file versions may exist.


Hour 1
  1. Grooveyard Watch Me Now (Secret Cinema Mix) [Ec]
  2. Head Affect Pockets Wonky Thunk Rec.
  3. Nathan Loves Flobadob (Big Hair Remix) [Wiggle 8]
  4. Secret Cinema Timeless Altitude Music Man
  5. Gregory Dah J Ting Tang Natural Rec
  6. Barry Manilow Copa (Munich Machine Orig Version By DJ Hell) V2
  7. Joi Asian Vibes (Way Out West Mix)
  8. Mac Zimms Far Out Slam Bango 10
  9. Vegas Soul Retrograde Bellboy
Hour 2
  1. Sonic Solution Turbulence R+s
  2. Lee Coombs Side Aa Finger Lickin
  3. 2 Bold Men Electrified Experience 2000
In The Mix
  1. Aubrey Funky In Here Offshoot; Liquid Funk LP
  2. Ha-Lo Rapid Descent Eukatech
  3. Universal London Red Ant
  4. The Ambush Everlast (Speed Mix) [Grandcasino]
  5. No Artist Credits B1 Question 3
  6. Steve Rachmad Sheherezade (Funk D'Void Remix) [Fierce!
  7. Waldorff + Staettler EP Various Silver
  8. No Artist Credits B1 A58
  9. Junkman All Day, All Night Offshoot

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