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This page used to keep track of known fake sets spread in the web. See Category:Fake.

"Fake sets" are defined here as completely different sets (from what they're titled as), wrong dates, previously broadcasted sets,
or radio shows which repeatedly broadcast shows from other radio stations with a delay, esp. broadcasting old mp3 sets from the web as new stuff...
Such useless radio stations will not be added. "Claimed to be fake" sets are still in the database but stated as such on the according mix page.

Regular Fakes / Repeats

Old repeats: Background Techno Experience Podcast, Vesselmix (Vessel Guest Mix), Beatfreax Podcast, Tsugi Podcast, Miami Sessions, La Noche Escabrosa, 6-Ryl Session, !K7 Labelshow, Studio Sessions (RTE), Tingle Tangle Club Beach Editions, The Glade Festival Podcast (2009)

WLH.FM - we're not even checking it. Shows on WLH: Club Emotions

Radio FG - FG Chic, Club FG

Laurent Garnier - It Is What It Is

Proton Radio

Higher Frequency Mix Show - all just old web sets, e.g. 2008-01-25 - Gui Boratto = 2007-08-10 - Lethargy 07

Bash.FM - Fake shit "radio station" broadcasting old mp3 sets as exclusive live sets...

Kievbass, Club Xlib, Kiev - they put old mixes of the artists on their site as own club recordings.

Sunshine Live's Trekstor Mix Session is mostly a collection of old radio shows or old club recordings from the DJs.

Martin Solveig - Nightwax, Planet Radio = repeating his old shows

Louie Vega - On The Move = Dance Ritual, e.g. 2008-02-01 - On The Move = 2008-01-26 - Dance Ritual

Delicious Housetunes (Hitradio MSOne) - mega fake! E.g. 2008-01-22 - Marc Romboy = 2007-12-30 - Plattenleger. Also doing it with Moonbootica.

The DJ Zone - mega fake! E.g. 2008-02-09 - Marc Romboy = 2007-12-30 - Plattenleger.

Fake Sets / Repeats

2009-05-25 - VA - C9 5th Year Anniversary

Saved Launch Mixes from Feb 2009 = unexclusive

All ump3 X-Mas Special sets are all old sets, except Dexter Curtin.

all Ben Liebrand - Warm Up sets on Sunshine Live are old In The Mix shows. First spotted:
2007-10-06 - Ben Liebrand - Warm Up (Classics Mix) (SSL) = 2004-11-26 - Ben Liebrand - In The Mix

SonneMondSterne 2007 fake sets! The following sets were available via the homepage as appertizers but spread as entire SMS sets:
Gregor Tresher (Mix 05/07)
Moonbootica (3050 Mix)
Northern Lite (Live in Berlin 2006)
Sven Väth (Cocoon Club 08.06.2007)
D. Diggler (SMS.XI Promo)
others: Extrawelt

In general, be careful with files or posts by evil (evil_concussion aka Bloodstream and Metro2033PC). He is known to spread fake sets premeditatedly.


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