2013-11-13 - Christopher FaFa, Ryan Sullivan - VS, Proton Radio

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Christopher FaFa
  1. Mode B - Sietbe (Ferdi Remix) [Particles]
  2. Juan Deminicis - Past (Luis Bondio Remix) [Proton]
  3. Youngen - Fragma (Tip D'Oris Remix) [Magic Room]
  4. Juan Deminicis - Behind The Sun (Hector Sawiak Remix) [Stellar Fountain]
  5. Michael & Levan, Stiven Rivic - Justice (Sahar Z Remix) [Movement]
  6. Erreome - Cosmic Box [Balkan Connection]
  7. Deriwer - We Are Machines [Lups]
  8. On & On & Flowstone - Shrouded In Clouds
  9. Andrew McDonell - Patience Of Envy (Navar Inside Out Mix) [Sound Avenue]
  10. Verche - Simple As That (Verche & Jazzyvile Ambient Mix) [System]
Ryan Sullivan
  1. Mobilize - Ocean Of Love (Owen Ear Remix) [Particles]
  2. Guy J - Milestone [Lost & Found]
  3. COMA - Cycle (Zombies In Miami Mix) [Kompakt]
  4. Steffie Ditzel - Let Them Play (Navar 22th Experiencia Mix) [Body Condition]
  5. Qbical - Rise (Cid Inc. Remix) [Manual]
  6. Pete McCarthey - Methexis [Proton]
  7. Signal To Noise - Cognitive Dissonance [Remedy]
  8. Joss Illya - Tripping (Superlounge Remix) [Get High]
  9. Yuriy From Russia - One Night In Tokyo [Dark Pleasure]
  10. Future Motions Feat. Leo Savan - The Way You Look [Sound Avenue]
  11. Marc Moan - Nest Of Swallow [Dark Pleasure]
  12. Advents Rising - Unexpected Conditions [Suffused]
  13. Jimmy Galle - Chocola [Green Martian]

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