2013-10-07 - DJ Hidden - Enclosed Sessions 1 (Ad Noiseam)

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First episode in a series of podcasts recorded by DJ Hidden to present his third full length album, the "Enclosed" double CD which will be released on Ad Noiseam on October 28th, 2013.



  1. DJ Hidden - The Wanderer [Ad Noiseam]
  2. DJ Hidden - Broken Seconds [Ad Noiseam]
  3. DJ Hidden - Ghost Breath [Ad Noiseam]
  4. DJ Hidden - The Words Below [Ad Noiseam]
  5. DJ Hidden - The Narrators [Ad Noiseam]
  6. DJ Hidden - The Ignorance [Ad Noiseam]
  7. DJ Hidden - Drawn In [Ad Noiseam]
  8. DJ Hidden - Here Lies The Confusion [Ad Noiseam]
  9. DJ Hidden - Pareidolic [Ad Noiseam]
  10. DJ Hidden - Scry 7734-5335-345 [Ad Noiseam]
  11. DJ Hidden - A Different Yesterday [Ad Noiseam]
  12. DJ Hidden - Straightjacket [Ad Noiseam]
  13. DJ Hidden - The Devil's Instant [Ad Noiseam]
  14. DJ Hidden - The Dreamer [Ad Noiseam]
  15. DJ Hidden - The Later After [Ad Noiseam]
  16. DJ Hidden - The Devil's Instant (DJ Hidden's Other Side Remix) [Ad Noiseam]
  17. Semiomime - Six Steps [Mindtrick]
  18. DJ Hidden - Einstein [Future Sickness]

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