2013-09-29 - Ingo Sänger - Taxi Nights, Byte FM

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This show or mix is ~2 hours long.
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  1. A_O_M_C_D - It's Hard To Be Dub Part 1 [O*RS]
  2. Zero 7 - On My Own (Dub) [White]
  3. Paskal & Urban Absolutes Feat. Kasar - Hold Your Head Up [Sonar Kollektiv 'Lux' Album - Forthcoming]
  4. Kelpe - Monte Verita [Don't Be Afraid]
  5. Marbert Rocel - The Temple (Panthera Krause Remix) [Compost Black]
  6. Henry L & Ingo Sänger - Ver (Ruff Demo) [Farside]
  7. Liquid Phonk - Izey [Foul & Sunk]
  8. Chris Turner - Fly Love (Andrés Remix) [Rebirth]
  9. Johannes Albert - People Say (Fred P Reshape) [Frank]
  10. Mark E - Black Country Roots [Running Back]
  11. Ferdinand Dreyssig - Indigo Skies (Pazul Remix) [Cat For Lunch]
  12. Lake People - Into [Connaisseur]
  13. Christian Prommer - Sarabande (Christian Löffler Remix) [Musica Autonomica]
  14. Baikal Feat. The Drifter - Just You And Me [Maeve]
  15. DJ Yellow - No One Gets Left Behind (Konstantin Sibold Remix) [Compost Black]
  16. Dennis Ferrer Feat. Janelle Kroll - Mind Ur Step (Andre Hommen Remix) [Objektivity]
  17. New World Feat. Jennifer Touch - Night Stalker (Lauer Remix) [Riotvan]
  18. The Youngsters - The Third Knife [20:20 Vision]
  19. La Fleur - Nightflow (Kenny Larkin Drama Mix) [Watergate]

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