2013-09-06 - Mosca - Residency, BBC Radio 1

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Standard Show
This show or mix is ~2 hours long.
Different file versions may exist.


South African house producer Culoe De Song is in the mix for Mosca.


  1. Dr Zygote - Quick [Zoot]
  2. Callisto - Need UR Love (Stalagmite Remix) [Guidance]
  3. Marcel Dettmann - Lightworks [Ostgut Ton]
  4. Black Coffee Feat. Tsepo - Never Saw You Coming [Seasons]
  5. S100 - Atom Relish [Stockholm]
  6. Mosca - Kneecap [White]
  7. Rick Wade - Prime Expansion [The Good, The Bad And The Deep, Yore]
  8. Selvie - Keep It Coming (Tony Rodriguez Remix)
  9. DJ Spice P - A Day Has Come (DJ Mim-Ice Remix) [A Day Has Come, Spiced]
  10. Mike Dehnert - Mode Three [Raw Mode EP, Colombage]
  11. Kris Wadsworth - Crushed [Escape From 48201, Nrk]
  12. Floorplan - Above The Clouds [Paradise, M Plant]
  13. Alex Picone - It Takes Two [Be As One Imprint]
  14. Somore Feat. Damon Trueitt - I Refuse (Ramsey & Fenn Remix) [White]
  15. The House Nerds - That'll Do (That'll Do) [Express Oneself, House Nerds]
  16. Mosca Feat. Ben Westbeech - Muderous (Dub) [Eva Mendes EP, Hypercolour]
  17. François K - Votrex [Relix EP, Wave]
  18. Roman Lindau - Sommerie [White]
  19. DJ Qu - Repozitioned Souls [Strength]
  20. Anthony Naples - El Portal [El Portal, The Triology Tapes]
  21. Mosca - Press Up [Hypercolour]
  22. Romain Poncet - Ssn 02 (Trucate Remix) [Skryptom]
  23. Aubrey - Retreat [Komplex De Deep]
  24. Lee Curtiss - Black Door Beauty (Dyed Afraid Of Ghost Remix) [The Black Door EP, Spectral Sound]

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