2013-08-13 - Suzy Solar, DJ T.H. - Solar Power Sessions 618

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This show or mix is ~2 hours long.
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Suzy Solar
  1. Rusch & Murray - Shield Of Hearts (Dreamy Banging Remix) [Alter Ego Progressive]
  2. Julian Vincent Feat. Cathy Burton - Certainty (Philippe El Sisi Remix) [Adrian & Raz]
  3. Cloudwalker vs BaRRy - Rising Sun (Abstract Vision & Elite Electronic Remix) [SpaceHorizon]
  4. Photographer - This Is Upstep (Estigma Remix) [Digitized]
  5. Sandeagle - The Battle (MilamDo Banging Remix) [Beyond The Stars]
  6. Allen & Envy vs Simon Dixon - Audacity [Fraction]
  7. Bowdidge & Taylor - Power Cut [Mental Asylum]
  8. Paul Vinitsky & Jane Maximova - Save Me (MilamDo Twisted Mix) [Vendace]
  9. Allen & Envy Feat. Ridgewalkers - Forever Young [Fraction]
  10. Javah Feat. Claire Willis - Let Me Show You (TrancEye Remix) [Redux Digital]
  1. Marcel Van Eyck, DJ T.H. & Three Faces - Afterglow (Cold Rush Remix) [Shah Music] {World Premiere}
  2. Lance Mathard & DJ T.H. - Smile As A Gift (Mariano Ballejos Remix) [Balkan Delights]
  3. DJ Ives M & DJ T.H. - London Downtown (Michael Flint Remix) [I.M.Red Trance Digital &]
  4. Andy Woldman & DJ T.H. Feat. Holly Strickland - Calling Out Your Name (Kaimo K's Proglifting Remix) [D.Max]
  5. DJ T.H. Feat. Elyssa Vulpes - Tidal Fire (James Williams Remix) [Dirt Lies &]
  6. Eddie Lung & DJ T.H. - Instant (Tuomas.L Remix) [Sorcery]
  7. Nicky Naoki Feat. Steklo - Sacrify (Eddie Lung & DJ T.H. Uplifting Remix) [Overtmind]
  8. DJ T.H. - Dancing In Chinatown (Hiroki Nagamine Remix) [AEZ]
  9. DJ Ives M & DJ T.H. - Above The Sky (Sunlight Project Remix) [I.M.Red Trance Digital &]
  10. Tim Besamusca & DJ T.H. With Three Faces - You Got Me (Trance Arts Remix) [Trance All-Stars]
  11. Manida - The Last Sunrise (K-Narf & DJ T.H. Remix) [Elysium]

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