2013-05-25 - Hernan Cattaneo - Resident 107, Delta FM

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File details

Standard Show
This show or mix is ~1 hour long.
Different file versions may exist.


Part 1
  1. Soul Button Feat. Stee Downes - In My Stride (Atapy Remix) [Underground]
  2. Gone Deville - From Loving You (Martin Roth Remix) [Mile End]
  3. Marcelo Paladini - Gumdrops (Matias VIla Remix) [Agara]
  4. Kassey Voorn - A Stride In The Dark (Deep Mix) [Afterglow]
  5. K├Âlsch - Goldfisch [Kompakt]
Part 2
  1. James Teej - A Civil Duty
  2. Electric Rescue - The Rave Child (Ryan Davis Cinematic Re-Build)
  3. Andre Sobota - Lost [Monster Deep]
  4. Igor Zaharov & Sober System - Soul (Cut Knob Remix) [Old Sql]
  5. Michael Mayer - Good Times (Agoria Sunlune Mix) [Kompakt]

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