2013-01-15 - Solarstone - Solaris International 343

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Standard Show
This show or mix is ~1 hour long.
Different file versions may exist.


Progressive Selection
  1. Neon - Midnight In Goa (Moshic Remix) (Midnight In Goa EP) [Sudam]
  2. Hazem Beltagui - Awake & Dreaming (Far In Love) [Nueva Digital]
  3. Biologik - Sterling Forest (From The Album 'One Month) [Proton]
  4. Namatjira Feat. Royal Sapien - Little Goodbye (Vocal Mix) [Lowbit]
  5. 06R - Luminescense [Primal]
  6. Tom Conrad & Andre Bonsor - Sunrise Over Ganymede (Van Bellen Remix) [Green Martian]
It's Not The Kind Of Thing We Usually Play... But We Like It Anyway
  1. Escort - Caméleon Chameleon (Ilija Rudman Mix) [Nang]
Solarstone's Big Tune
  1. Mark Pledger - A New World [Touchstone]
Uplifting Selection
  1. Federation - Quiero (Future Disciple Remix) [Perfecto Flouro]
  2. Natious - Amber (Thomas Datt Remix) [Lost Language]
  3. Cintra Angelique - Expectations [Above All]
  4. Andain - What Its Like (Sneijder Remix) [Black Hole]
Chillout Moment
  1. Biologik - Firefly (From The Album 'One Month) [Proton]

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