2012-11-20 - Tony Humphries - November Promo Mix

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  1. Jovonn - Get Up
  2. Richard Earnshaw Feat. Jocelyn Brown - Worthy (Director's Cut Classic Club Mix) [Groovefinder]
  3. Fred Hammond - I'm In Love With You (Junior White DJ Gospel Project 4)
  4. Soulmagic - Someone Like You [Soulmagic]
  5. Uptown Funk Empire - You've Got To Have Freedom (SOS Remix) [SouLab]
  6. R. Kelly - Feelin' Single (HGM & SnV Remix) [RCA]
  7. Pako Di Rocco & Roby Maas - Devotion (Demo Mix) [Tony]
  8. Seascape Feat. Dawn Tallman - I Give It All To You (Seascape Full Vocal Mix) [Underground Collective]
  9. Jovonn - Slammin' Doors (Knockin)
  10. Anita Baker - Lately (DJ Tony V's House Mix) [Blue Note]
  11. Lil' Louis - Fable (A Director's Cut Master Dub Reprise)
  12. One Way - Something In The Past (Chris IDH Remix) [Geffen]
  13. Namy Feat. Josh Milan - From Now On (DJ Spen & N'Dinga Gaba Remix) [King Stree]
  14. Hu$$lerz - Get Loose [Soundz Dynamik]
  15. Frankie Knuckles Pres. Director's Cut Feat. B. Slade - Get Over U (Gifted Souls Mix) [Nocturnal Groove Digital]
  16. Margaret Grace - I Can Feel (Ondagroove Vox Dub Demo) [Tony]
  17. Mr. Mike - Why Can't We Live Together (Rocco Headroom Mix) [MAP Dance]

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