2012-05-22 - Solarstone - Solaris International 309

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Standard Show
This show or mix is ~1 hour long.
Different file versions may exist.


Progressive Selection
  1. Luiz B - Music Is Hypnotizing [Spring Tube]
  2. Solarstone Feat. Bill McGruddy - Shake The Demons (From The Album 'Pure) [Black Hole]
  3. Loolacoma - Dormant (Desync Omega Remix) [Moonbeam Digital]
  4. Blister 13.0 - El Lobo [Adro]
  5. Solarstone & Clare Stagg - Requiem (From The Album 'Pure) [Black Hole]
It's Not The Kind Of Thing We Usually Play... But We Like It Anyway
  1. Jesse Ware - 110%
Solarstone's Big Tune
  1. Solarstone & Aly + Fila - Fireisland (Taken From The Album 'Pure) [Black Hole]
Uplifting Selection
  1. James Dymond - Paladin [Subculture]
  2. Solarstone & Giuseppe Ottaviani - Falcons (Taken From The Album 'Pure) [Black Hole]
  3. BT - Flaming June (Paul van Dyk Remix) [Black Hole]
  4. Heatbeat - Rocker Monster (Tomas Heredia Remix) [Subculture]
  5. Solarstone - Voyager (Taken From The Album 'Pure) [Black Hole]
Chillout Moment
  1. Solarstone Feat. Hannah Magenta - Swansong (Taken From The Album 'Pure) [Black Hole]

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