2011-11-25 - Crazy P - Louche Podcast 061

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1:08:22 78.32 160




  1. Double Hill - A Little More [Double Standard]
  2. Rayko - Sexy Lady [Audiodiscoteque]
  3. Tornado Wallace - Rainbow Road [Instruments Of Rapture]
  4. Kid Creole - I Do Believe (40 Theive Mix-Ron Basejam Edit) [Strut]
  5. Lee M Kelsall - On The Road (Mat Fear Remix) [Hot Waves]
  6. Francis Inferno Orchestra - Meet Me In Salt Lake City (Soul Clap Remix) [Under The Shade]
  7. J Boogie - Go To Work (Hot Toddy Remix) [Om]
  8. Wagon Cooking - Feel So Good (Hot Toddy Edit) [Om]
  9. Pink Stallone Feat. Joey Washington - Mine (S.A.S. Remix) [Under The Shade]
  10. Kreap - DJ Play This Song For Me (Tad Wilys Bar Disco Mix) [Homebreaking Canada]
  11. Mickey Moonlight - Close To Everything (The Martin Brothers Remix)
  12. Katzuma - Life In The City
  13. Black Strobe - Boogie In Zero (Hot Hoddy Mix)
  14. Weekend Express - Going To Chicago

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