2011-05-21 - The Revenge - Mash, Capital FM

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0:50:31 69.38 192


Other file versions have been made up from the source as stated in the File Details.


  1. Johnny Adams - Feel The Beat (The Revenge Edit) [Z]
  2. Rampi - Feel It Burn (Ray Mang Remix) [Under The Shade]
  3. Solid Groove - Nice And Slow [Front Room]
  4. Craig Bratley - Birdshell (The Revenge Bonus Dub) [Instruments Of Rapture]
  5. Odyssey - Inside Out (Mode Remix)
  6. Ivan Neville - Dance Your Blues Away [Cookie]
  7. 6th Borough Project - The Fool [Delusions Of Grandeur]
  8. Jacob Korn - She [Uncanny Valley]
  9. Oliver $ - Doin' Ya Thang [Play It Down]
  10. Chic - Soup For One (Rework)

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