2011-02-26 - Matamar, Yuri Kane - Language Of Trance 094

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Standard Show
This show or mix is ~2 hours long.
Different file versions may exist.


  1. Svyatoslav Maltsev - Wait Until The End
  2. Kilu & Adam Tas - Bring Back Memories (Sayphonik Remix)
  3. Johny Bee - The Choice
  4. Anna Star - Never Close Your Eyes (Vlad Seven Remix)
  5. Alexander Byrka - Unearthly Love (Airway 7 Remix)
  6. First Effect Feat. Olivia - Humanity Highway (Cylum, Velden & Christopher V Remix)
  7. Robbie Nelson vs Indecent Noise vs Sean Truby - Up In Supremacy (Uplifting Life Mashup)
  8. Ron Van Den Beuken vs T.O.M. Feat Hadassa - The Voice Inside (Jonas Stenberg Remix)
  9. Will Holland Feat. Jeza - Start Again (Juventa Remix)
  10. Daniel Seabra - Andromeda (Jective Remix)
  11. Max Go & Chris Lawr Feat. Cami Bradley - Captivated (Type 41's Emotional State Remix)
  12. Sarah McLachlan - Love Come (Dave Dresden & Randy Boyer Mix)
Yuri Kane
  1. Yuri Kane Feat. Melissa Loretta vs Omnia, Smart Apes & Anna Lee - Perfect Daylight (Aleksey Sladkov Mashup)
  2. Jes - Awaken (Ronski Speed Remix)
  3. Bobina Feat. Betsie Larkin - You Belong To Me (Vocal Mix)
  4. Schodt Feat. Aida Fenhel - Fly Into The Night (Antillas And Dankann Mix)
  5. Kaskade And Tiësto Feat. Haley - Only You (Dragon And Jontron Remix)
  6. EDU Feat. Aelyn - Taken Away (Progressiver Remix)
  7. Richard Durand Feat. Ellie Lawson - Wide Awake (Full Vocal)

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