2011-01-06 - Drop Out Orchestra - House Of Disco Guestmix

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2011-01-06 - Drop Out Orchestra - House Of Disco Guestmix.jpg

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dur MB kbps
0:49:21 67.91 192


Other file versions have been made up from the source as stated in the File Details.



  1. Newcleus - Automan (Drop Out Orchestra Dub) [Mb Disco]
  2. Dana Bergquist And Peder G - Hubbabubba (Drop Out Orchestra Remix) [Oh!]
  3. Mario Basanov - Lonely Days (Drop Out Orchestra Remix) [Needwant]
  4. Kinema - My Beautiful Machines (Drop Out Orchestra Dub) [Hot Pockets]
  5. Drop Out Orchestra - Future Past (Dave Allison And The Kinjo Collective Remix) [Kinjo]
  6. Drop Out Orchestra - Macaque + Bob Marley - Exodus (Acapella) [Unreleased]
  7. Martin Brodin And Dumb Dan - Gamma Ray (Rodion Remix) [MB Disco]
  8. Drop Out City Rockers - I Wanna Dance With Tron [Unreleased]
  9. Sex Pistols - Pretty Vacan't (Drop Out Orchestra Rework / Club Cut) [Unreleased]

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