2010-10-21 - Unknown Artist - Deep Space Helsinki

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Standard Show
This show or mix is ~2 hours long.
Different file versions may exist.


This mix may not include all stated artists (or in different order) or other artists, while it's not clear which exactly. Credited or on the line-up as well: Samuli Kemppi, Juho Kusti


  1. Echologist - Just A Ride (AntonZap's Latest Ride) [Steadfast]
  2. Deepchord - Electromagnetic Dowsing Step 1 (Mike Huckaby Remix) [Synth]
  3. Keith Worthy - Deep For Dayz [Sistrum]
  4. Staffan Linzatti - Initiate [Rootknox]
  5. Niederflur - Mimesis (Jonas Kopp Remix) [Niederflur Tracks]
  6. Lucy - Kalachakra (DVS1 Eyes Open Mix) [Prologue]
  7. Markus Suckut - Vary [Stroboscopic Artefacts]
  8. Peter Van Hoesen - Hope In Honesterror [Time To Express]
  9. Donato Dozzy & DJ Say - Transparent [Attic Music.]
  10. Tobias. - Street Knowledge [SK]
  11. Samuli Kemppi - Untitled [Promo]
  12. Taho - Forest Of Wonders [Delsin]
  13. SP-X - Sp-10 [Komisch]
  14. Derek Plaslaiko - Glass Bead Game (Samuli Kemppi Remix) [Perc Trax]
  15. Sendai - Northwest [Time To Express]
  16. Roman Lindau - Heck [Fachwerk]
  17. Traversable Wormhole - Exiting The Milkyway (Surgeon Remix) [CLR]
  18. Milton Bradley - Desperation [Do Not Resist The Beat!]
  19. Marcel Fengler - Rapture [Ostgut Ton]
  20. SP-X - Extract [Time To Express]
  21. Pacou - Multipass [Cache]
  22. Green Velvet - Stormy Weather [Music Man]
  23. Fade To Black - In Synch [Transmat]

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