2010-10-19 - Donnacha Costello - Sistol Mix (XLR8R Podcast 167)

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Sasu Ripatti is a man of many hats. Since the late '90s, the Finnish producer, probably best known as Vladislav Delay, has also released high-profile work as Luomo, Uusitalo, and Conoco. As such, it wasn't exactly shocking to see him revive his Sistol moniker earlier this year after more than a decade of dormancy, yet it certainly wasn't the expected move either. On the heels of his new album, On the Bright Side, and the double-disc reissue of 1999's Sistol, both released on Phthalo Records offshoot Halo Cyan, we asked Ripatti to contribute a mix for our podcast series, but he elected to go a different route. Ripatti doesn't really DJ, so he decided to turn over the podcast duties to his friend and fellow electronic music veteran Donnacha Costello. The Irish-born DJ/producer then assembled this exclusive mix, pulling exclusively from the Sistol catalog.


  1. [00] Sistol - A Better Shore (Edit)
  2. [??] Sistol - Fucked-Up Novelty
  3. [10] Sistol - Contaminate Her (Jori Hulkkonen Mix)
  4. [17] Sistol - Hospital Husband
  5. [23] Sistol - Glowing And So Spread
  6. [??] Sistol - Funseeker (Oneohtrix Point Never Rainbro Mix)
  7. [??] Sistol - Funseeker (Oneohtrix Point Never Rainbro Mix) [Second Copy]
  8. [??] Sistol - A Better Shore (Walls Mix)
  9. [??] Sistol - On The Bright Side (The Brighter Side Scuba Remix)

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