2010-03-12 - Roger Sanchez, MYNC - Release Yourself 439

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This show or mix is ~2 hours long.
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Roger Sanchez
  1. Joe K - Free the night [Quadrini vs Beto Dias mix] (White Label)
  2. Nikolai Dimitrov - Dizzy (Original) (Chega Recording)
  3. Andrew Salsano & JF Sebastian feat Jayn Hanna -Walking on Fire (White Label)
  4. David Vendetta ft Tara Mcdonald - I'm Your Goddess [Agent Greg mix] (White Label)
  5. Max.Si.Mas ft Lady Vale -Brighter Days [Amorhouse & Reale mix] (White)
  6. Prok & Fitch Pres - Nanchang Nancy Walk With Me [Axwell Vs Daddy's Groove Remix] (Axtone)
  7. Ian Carey vs Chus and Penn Keep on Baila [Abel Ramos Mashup] (White)
  8. Pete Tha Zouk Mastercris Feat. Abigail Bailey - Back Again [Chris Kaeser Remix] (White)
  9. Hanna Hansen & David Puentez ft Errol Ried - Lovers [Niels Van Gogh mix] (Work Machine)
  10. Larry Tee - Lets Make Nasty [Mehrbod Darren Correa Remix] (White)
  11. Mark Wilkinson vs Steve Edwards - DYOT 2010 [Big Room Mix] (White)
  12. Roger Sanchez - 2Gether [Chris Moody Remix] (Stealth Records)
  13. Clubshot - No Matter [Phonk D'or mix] (White)
  14. Muzzaik Vs Sneaky Sound System - Pictures of the Underground [Alex Seda & Marien Baker Mash] (White)
  15. Stafford Bros ft Seany B - Speaker Freakers [Instrumental Mix] (Hussle Recordings)
  16. John Dahlback - Love Inside [Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike Tough Love Mix} (News)

Guest mix MYNC

  1. Tapesh - Chicago Groove (Cr2 Records)
  2. Frank Knight - Over It (Stereo Productions)
  3. Robert Babicz - Dark Flower [Fever Mix] (Systematic Records)
  4. Hauswerks - Afrobeat (Cr2 Records)
  5. Steve Mac - The Noise Bastard [Santos Bastard Jack Remix] (Saved)
  6. DJ PP - Miami Vice (Muzik X Press)
  7. MYNC & Rhythm Masters - Feel Love [Cr2]
  8. Ramiro Lopez - Siiet (Cr2 Records)
  9. DJ Sneak - U Can't Hide From Your Bud [Monoman Remix] (Magnetic)
  10. Mark Broom - Supersnout (Saved)
  11. Lusine - 2 Dots [Nic Fanciulli Remix] (Saved)
  12. Chris Lake & Deadmaus - I Said [Micheal Woods Mix] (Ultra)
  13. Fritz Kalkbrenner - Last Call (Soul)

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