2010-01-01 - VA - Trance Around The World 301

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Standard Show
This show or mix is ~2 hours long.
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Above & Beyond
01. Velvetine "Safe" [Rank1 Remix] (Anjunabeats)

02. Boom Jinx & Andrew Bayer "To The Six" [Martin Roth Remix] (Anjunadeep)

03. Wippenberg "Chakalaka" (High Contrast)

04. Lange vs Gareth Emery "Another You, Another Me" (Vandit)

05. Above & Beyond "Anjunabeach" (Anjunabeats)

06. The Signalrunners "Aria Epica" [Bart Claessen Remix] (Anjunabeats)

07. Above & Beyond pres. OceanLab "Lonely Girl" [Gareth Emery Remix] (Anjunabeats)

08. Above & Beyond pres. Tranquility Base "Buzz" [Buzztalk Mix] (Anjunabeats)

09. Super8 & Tab "Helsinki Scorchin" (Anjunabeats)

10. Lange "Let It All Out" [Ronski Speed Remix] (Lange)

11. Activa pres. Solar Movement "Eclipse" [Mat Zo Remix] (Anjunabeats)

12. Daniel Kandi "Child" (Anjunabeats)

13. P.O.S "Remember" (Anjunabeats)

14. Above & Beyond Presents OceanLab "Sirens Of The Sea" [Above & Beyond Club Mix] (Anjunabeats)

15. David Newsum "From Dubai With Love" (Discover)

16. Remo-Con "Cold Front" [Bart Claessen Remix] (Anjunabeats)

17. DT8 Project "Destination" [Above & Beyond Remix] (Mondo)

18. Alt+F4 "Alt+F4" (Anjunabeats)

19. Above & Beyond Presents OceanLab "On A Good Day" [Above & Beyond Club Mix] (Anjunabeats)

20. Smith & Pledger "Believe" (Anjunabeats)

21. OceanLab vs. Passive Progressive "Sky Hides Away" [Above & Beyond Edit] (Whitelabel)

01. Dinka "Never Cheat on Stranger" (Unreleased Digital)

02. PROFF "Glittering Puzzle" (Anjunadeep)

03. ID

04. Boom Jinx & Jaytech "Milano" (Anjunadeep)

05. PROFF "Deep Orange" (Anjunadeep)

06. PROFF "My Personal Summer" (Anjunadeep)

07. Jaytech "Delta" [PROFF Remix] (Anjunadeep)

08. Above & Beyond pres. Oceanlab "Lonely Girl" [PROFF Remix] (Anjunabeats)

09. ID

Daniel Kandi
01. John O'Callaghan "Take It All Away" [Marcus Schossow Remix] (Armada)

02. Andy Moor & Ashley Wallbridge "Faces" (Ava Recordings)

03. Kalafut & Fygle vs. Armin Van Buuren "Yet Another Novocaine" (Whitelabel)

04. Motorcycle "As The Rush Comes" [Daniel Kandi & Anton Firtich Remix] (Whitelabel)

05. Purple Haze vs. Marco V. "Unprepared Lightning" [Edit] (Whitelabel)

06. Ronski Speed "Are you" [Sun Decade Dub] (Euphonic)

07. Daniel Kandi "Venice Beach" [Lifted Mix] (Anjunabeats)

08. Ronski Speed "Deep Devine" [Gareth Emery Remix] (Euphonic)

09. Daniel Kandi "Nova" [Daniel Kandi & Kris O'Neil Remix] (Anjunabeats)

10. Filo & Peri "Ashley" [Alex M.O.R.P.H. Remix)] (Vandit)

11. Masoud "Leave It All Behind" [Jorn Van Deynhoven Remix] (Flashover)

12. John O'Callaghan "Big Sky" [Daniel Kandi Edit] (Whitelabel)

13. Daniel Kandi "I Found The Way" (Anjunabeats)

14. Alex M.O.R.P.H. "Sunset Boulevard" [Daniel Kandi Remix] (Vandit)

Kyau & Albert
01. First State "Brave" [Mac& Mac Remix] (Black Hole)

02. Kyau & Albert "I Love You" (Euphonic)

03. The Temper Trap "Sweet Disposition" [Axwell & Dirty South Remix] (Infectious)

04. Urban Astronauts "See The Sun" [Aurosonic Remix] (Nocturnal Global)

05. Paul van Dyk "For An Angel" [Spencer & Hill Remix] (Vandit)

06. Wippenberg "Pong" (High Contrast)

07. Marc Marberg with Kyau & Albert "Neo Love" (Euphonic)

08. BT "Every Other Way" [Armin van Buuren Remix] (Black Hole)

09. Cressida "Two-O-Ten" (Euphonic)

10. Marc Marberg with Kyau & Albert "Grrreat" (Euphonic)

11. Jerome Isma-Ae "Hold That Sucker Down" (Armada)

12. Randy Katana "The Hype" (Armada)

13. ID

13. Marc Marberg with Kyau & Albert "Megashira" (Euphonic)

14. Kyau & Albert "Be There 4 U" (Euphonic)

15. Dash Berlin "Man On The Run" (Armada)

16. Cosmic Gate "Flatline" [Kyau & Albert Remix] (Maelstrom)

17. Cressida "6AM" [Kyau & Albert Remix] (Euphonic)

18. Kyau & Albert "Are You Fine" (Euphonic/Anjunabeats)

Super8 & Tab
01. Super8 & Tab "Irufushi" (Anjunabeats)

02. ID

03. Lange "Let It All Out" (Lange)

04. Mike Koglin & P.O.S "Autumn" (Anjunabeats)

05. Q.T. Quartet "Hold That Sucker Down" [Jerome Isma-Ae Remix] (Armada)

06. Marco V. "When The Night Falls" [Dub] (In Charge)

07. PvD "Nothing But You" [Super8 & Tab Remix] (Vandit)

08. Dash Berling "Waiting" [First State Remix] (Aropa)

09. Above & Beyond pres. Tranquility Base "Oceanic" [Super8 & Tab Remix] (Anjunabeats)

10. Jochen Miller "Red One"

11. Whiteroom "The Whiteroom" [Myon & Shane 54 Refill]

12. Paul van Dyk "New York City" [Super8 & Tab Remix] (Vandit)

13. Filo & Peri "Ashley" [Alex M.O.R.P.H. Remix] (Vandit)

14. Temple One "Sahara Nights" (Enhanced)

15. Super8 & Tab "Elektra" (Anjunabeats)

Mat Zo
01. Mat Zo "Rush 2009" (Anjunabeats)

02. Matan Zohar "First Glance" (Intuition)

03. Winter Kills "Deep Down" [Mat Zo Remix] (Whitelabel)

04. Pryda "Melo" (Pryda)

05. Gaia "Tuvan" [Gareth Emery Remix] (Armind)

06. Alex M.O.R.P.H. & Rank 1 "Life Less Ordinary" [Rank 1 Remix] (Armada)

07. Kostya Veter "Life Is So Sweet" [eleven.five Remix] (Dangerbox)

08. Motorcycle "As The Rush Comes" [Yamos Remix] (Whitelabel)

09. Mike Koglin vs. P.O.S. "Autumn" (Anjunabeats)

10. Mat Zo "24 Hours" (Anjunabeats)

11. Setris "Atlantis" [Marc Simz Remix] (Neuroscience)

12. ID

13. Mat Zo "Nuclear Fusion" (Anjunabeats)

14. Timo Juuti "Little Bits Of Now" [Mike Shiver's Garden State Mix] (Captured)

15. Mat Zo "The Fractal Universe" (Armada)

16. Simon Patterson "Thump" (Reset)

17. Mat Zo "Lucky Strike" (Anjunabeats)

18. Ram "Ramsterdam" (A State of Trance)

19. Mat Zo "Default" (Anjunabeats)

20. London Elektricity "Just One Second" (Hospital)

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