2009-06-17 - Francois K - Hotel Costes, FG Chic

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2009-06-17 - Francois K - Hotel Costes, FG Chic  is (most probably) fake or wrongly credited.
Notes: Fake, as stated by Francois K himself.

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18:58, 8 July 2009 (CEST)
This mix is a fake i had it on my SoundCloud page!

A guy contacted me who produces on Francois K's label!

He posted this to me:

this is what FK wrote when I asked him:

Dude is full of shit.

-1) I have never played at Hotel Costes
-2) I couldn't even recognize one song on this mix.

Typical mis-appropriated, mis-quoted Internet bullshit.

You should tell this guy you spoke to me, and that I said this.

On second thought, why even waste your time?? LOL