2009-04-25 - DJ Sneak @ Fiesta Privata, Rome

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2009-04-25 - DJ Sneak @ Fiesta Privata, Rome.jpg

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Pt. dur MB kbps
1 1:15:44 173,35
2 1:24:50 194,18
2:40:34 367,53 320


The date is correct, although he played at Matter London later on that date. A quote from his blog: Another party, another serious House down! Now I get on the road again on my way to "Roma" for a "fiesta privata". So I only had a few hours of rest and BANG!, I'm back in Rome trying to make it to this outdoor day event. Straight from the airport, I was ushered to this day party and into the booth area where once again I start bangin' the beats down. It's around midday and I'm schedule to play an outdoor party before heading back to the Rome airport to catch a later flight to London...


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