2008-07-05 - Trance Generators @ Ground Zero

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01. Radium - Ground Zero Underground Resistance (Intro Edit)

02. Audio Damage - Garlic Breath Tosser (Stylez meets Tonteufel Remix)

03. Audio Damage - Speaker Buster/Bounce & Shake

04. Radium - Pirate Of The Harder Styles (TG's Boarding Mix)

05. Gigi Lav - Pure Emotions (Trance Generators Pure Domination Remix)

06. Radium meets Audio Damage - Promo (Radium's Ground Zero Beta Edit)

07. Simon J. Bergher - Contaminated Sounds (Trance Generators Are Driving The Panic Machine Mix)

08. Whirl & Mayer - Heaven Above (Hardstyle Mafia Remix)

09. Trance Generators - U Can't Stop Us 2008

10. Trance Generators - Wildstyle Generation 2008 (Audio Damage Remix)

11. Trance Generators - Italians Do It Better (TGs Legendary Creation Mix)

12. Trance Generators vs Stylez Meets Tonteufel - Spiritum Veritatis, The Spirit Of Truth (Trance Generators Mix)

13. Audio Damage - Breaking The Chains EP/The Devil Within

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