2008-04-09 - Gilles Peterson - Tokyo Documentary, International Radio 1

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International Radio 1 sees 4 Radio 1 DJ's present a series of documentaries from around the world. Gilles Peterson takes us on a journey to his spiritual home, Tokyo.

Gagle - 'Kuro Fessional' (Mukatsuku Records)
The Vapours - 'Turning Japanese' (EMI)
Gagle - Eastern Voyage (Mukatsuku Records)
Raphael Sebbag - 'Anda Loucia'
Aroop Roy - 'The Lonely Years' (Beyond Jazz)
Gagle - 'Eastern Voyage' (Mukatsuku Records)
The 5,6,7 8's - 'Woo Hoo' (Time Bomb)
Unknown - 'I Want you Back' (Japanese Version)(White)
Ino Hisefumio - 'Spartacus' (innocent Records)

Stanley Donwood Exhibition
Small Circle of Friends - 'Swan Lake' (Basque)
Daisuke Tanabe - 'CNST' (Fluid Ounce)

Daisuke Tanabe - 'Guitar Lesson' (Test)

Mori Tower
Olive Oil - 'No One Does' (Cross Point)

Worldwide 15 Live
Fabio Fonseca - 'Samba'

Jamie Lidell - 'Figured Me Out' (Warp)

Trail Production - 'Promised Land' (Jasrac)

Mighty Crown
Mighty crown - 'Silly Games'
Trail Production - 'Sunshine' (Jasrac)
Papa B - 'Wild Speed'
Fireball - 'Jungle Roots'
Mighty Crown - 'Ain't no Sunshine'

Bamboo - 'Mogamigawa Funauta'(United Artists)

Gilles @ Tsukiji fish market
Fumio Itabashi - 'Watarase' (From Smile) (Solid Records)

Kuniyuki Takahashi - 'The Session' (Mule)
MariBoine - 'Vuoi Vuoi' (Henrik Schwarz Remix) (Universal Jazz)
Daniel Wang - 'Like some Dream' (Balihu)
Yellow Tail - 'Ultrastar' (Test)

Hour 2
Peter Kruder - 'Coste'
Jazztronik - 'Samurai' (Pantone)
Goth Trad - 'Flags' (Medi)

Worldwide Showcase 2008 @ The Liquid Room
Emergancy - 'Phases' (EMI)
Jam - Crescendo (JVC Victor)
Jam - 'Untitled' (Live at Liquid Room)
Jazztronik - 'Brastep' (Pony Canon)
Kingdom Afrocks - 'Untitled' (Live at Liquid Room)
Tribe Called West - 'Feel like Insects' (Westribe)

Jonny Shaw (Ex-pat)
Lupin III OST - 'A Touch of Japanese Tone' (Nippon, Columbia)
UFO - 'Loud Minority' (Verve)

The Pitt Inn
Mitsuaki Kanno and Group - 'Busho' (BMG)
Narioshi Dub Quintet - 'Invocation'
Hideo Shiraki - 'Senor Blues' (King Records Co)

Silent poets - 'Species' (Test)
Ken Morimura - 'Descarda Pa Ti' (Mukatsuku Records)
Rapheal Sebbag - 'Los Bravos'

Quiet Village - Unknown (K7)

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