2008-02-23 - Mark Sherry @ Trance Energy, Jaarbeurs, Utrecht

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  1. Mark Sherry Pres. Outburst - A Star Within A Star (Trance Energy Intro Mix) [High Contrast]
  2. Polymental - Chapter One (Mark Sherry's Trance Energy Remix) Flutterspark]
  3. Terry Ferminal vs Mark Sherry - Walk Away (Mark Sherry's Outburst Mix) [Captivating Sounds]
  4. Dave Schiemann - Shade (Trance Energy Edit)
  5. Kay D. Smith & Marc Tall Pres. Passive Resistance - Praiseworthy Tunes (Mark Sherry's Trance Energy Remix) [High Contrast]
  6. Chemical Brothers - Hey Boy Hey Girl (Heatbeat Rework Of Tim Davison Mix)
  7. Planet Perfecto vs Nenes & Pascal Feliz - Bullet In The Gun vs Platinum (Mark Sherry Mashup Mix)
  8. Mark Sherry Pres. Outburst - Live & Learn 2008 (Dave Schiemann Remix) [Detox]
  9. Mark Sherry Pres. Outburst - Vengeance (Polymental Remix) [Detox]
  10. Westbam vs Red Jerry - Wizards Of The Sonic (Matt Darey Remix) [Wonderboy]
  11. Public Domain - Operation Blade 2008 (Scot Project Remix) [Xtra Hard]

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