2007-05-19 - S² @ FM4, Springseven, Graz

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Quote from Santiago Salazar's Myspace-Site:
Friends, this is a mix I did for FM4 while at Springseven Festival in Graz, Austria May-2007. I really didn't want to do this radio spot because I had to be at the radio station at the same Derrick May was about to go on at the festival. But, I'm glad I did the show :)

Special thanks to Daniela of Zieger, C2 for hooking the gig up, O@ePM for bookings, CYS (Wien) & FM4. Oh yeah, and my dad for the credit card at LAX!


  1. Los Hermanos - Sun Dial (S2 Dial N' Mix) [Submerge]
  2. Raiders Of the Lost Arp - Darkness (G2G mix) [Final Frontier]
  3. Kerri Chandler - Six Pianos [Deeply Rooted House]
  4. Ican - Caminos Del Niño [Ican Productions]
  5. Gerald Mitchell - Los Sunshine [Ican Productions]
  6. As One - Germanium (Revival Mix By Los Hermanos) [Archive]
  7. Santiago Salazar - Plastic People [Ican Productions]
  8. Âme - Balandine [Innervisions]
  9. Agora - Malaga Beach
  10. Ican Feat. Perico - Pa' Mi Gente [Planet E]
  11. Ican - Echo Park [Ican Productions]
  12. Los Hermanos - Very Existance [Submerge]

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12:20, 24 April 2008 (CEST)
From how I understand the notes this set was played in the FM4 studio and not on the festival?