2006-12-16 - Plastician - In New DJs We Trust

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Standard Show
This show or mix is ~2 hours long.
Different file versions may exist.



B Live & Flirta D- Clack Riddim (Army)

  1. Benga- Evolution (Big Apple)
  2. Caspa- Big Headed Slags (Dubplate)
  3. Frisco, JME, Skepta, Wiley- You Don't Know Me (Boy Better Know)
  4. Danny Weed- Kick Off (Dumpvalve)
  5. Fireworkz- Hold It Down (Remix) (Dubplate)
  6. Joker- Unknown (Dubplate)
  7. Digital Mystikz- Hunter (Dubplate)
  8. Skream- Chest Boxing (Tempa)
  9. Tes Lar Roc- Man From Planet X (Dubplate)
  10. Macabre Unit- Lift Off VIP (Terrorythm)
21 Minutes To Know- Odds Retrospective
  1. Odds- Strung Up 2 ( Dubplate)
  2. Odds- Jagged Edge (Dubplate)
  3. Odds- Look At You (Dubplate)
  4. Odds- Bump Dis (Remix) (Dubplate)
  5. Odds- Toilet Water (Dubplate)
  6. Odds- Strung Up VIP (Dubplate)
  7. Odds- Champion VIP (Dubplate)

One For The Record - Mala, Digital Mystikz

  1. Augustus Pablo- River Nile
  2. Virgo- Boss Riddem (Dubplate)
  3. Mr Slash- Original Gangster (Dubplate)
  4. Mr Slash- So Solid (Dubplate)
  5. Skepta- Grime (Boy Better Know)
  6. Skepta- Intensive Snare (Terrorythm)
  7. Skream- Here's a Sign (Dubplate)
  8. Frisco- Freestyle (Dubplate)
Mainroom Mix


  1. Caspa - Arse Flute (Dub Police)
  2. Plastician- Walk In The Carpark (Terrorythm)

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