2005-01-21 - Bogdan Taran, DJ Rise - Dance Box

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Bogdan Taran
  1. Sugar Caines pres Bionik Funk - Lover’s Holiday (Prog City Deep)
  2. Carousel feat Krysten Cummings - Wanted (Main Piano Club Mix) (Soulfuric Trax)
  3. Exclusive: C-Stones - L.O.V.E (Boyza II Strings Remix) (f/c Aktiv)
  4. Dylan Rhymes - Salty (Original Mix) (Kingsize)
  5. Hot New Release: Sugar Caine pres Soul Buddah - Music (Soul-O-Matic Breakbeat Mix) (Prog City Deep)
  6. Pasta Boys - Tribute (Dub Mix) (Revox)
  7. Three for the weekend: DJ Sun (Mix, Klaipeda)
  8. Chus & Ceballos pres. Tedd Patterson - In Stereo (Sun & Fyzo Stereo test)
  9. Twisted Funk - Give Me Love (Kinky Vinyl)
  10. The Producers - Cowie (Cubic)
  11. Exclusive: Oriola - Welder Girl (Laid Remix) (f/c Amber Muse)
  12. Powerplay: Arcade Mode - Your Love (Original Mix) (f/c Joia)
  13. Simon Aston feat Laura Vane - Can I Get (Mainline Vocal Mix) (Device)
  14. Blaze feat Barbara Tucker - Most Precious Love (Future 3000 Vocal Mix) (f/c Defected)
  15. Bah Samba - Portugese Love (f/c BKO)
  16. Classic Selection: Paul Johnson - Get Get Down (Rise 1999)
Hot Mix by DJ Rise (Nautilus, LV)
  1. Unknown
  2. Seawind Project feat Emily McEwan - Free (Knee Deep Peaktime Vocal) (Knee Deep USA)
  3. Copyright feat Tasita D’Amour - Release Yourself Pt 2 (The Pressure Edit) (Copyright)
  4. Shik Stylko feat Tyree Cooper - My People (Realbasic)
  5. Unknown

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