2000-06-23 - Paul van Dyk - Ministry Of Sound Session

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dur bytes kbps
1:03:35 91559936 192


Central Seven - Te Quiero (ID Remix)

Chicane - Halcyon

Tarrentella - Saturn (Tarrentella vs Redanka Remix)

Breeder - Sputnik (NY FM Mix)

Lucien Foort - Vivid Skies (John Johnson Remix)

Sander Kleinenberg - Slipper Sleaze

Shanks & Bigfoot Feat. Terri Walker - Sing-A-Long (Junkie XL Dub)

Freefall Feat. Jan Johnston - Skydive (Way Out West Vox Mix)

Odessi - Moments Of Space (Dub)

Afterburn - Fratt Boy


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2016-07-24 (09:19) (CET)
the last 5 min of this MOS session do not belong here (it's some other recording that starts at 58 min mark), and it would be weird for such a progressive oriented set to include Darude Sandstorm and Des Mitchell's tracks lol