199X - DJ Aztek - 1994 Jungle Set (Promo Mix)

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File details

dur MB kbps
1:20:25 73.6 128


1. fury- rufige kru- moving shadow

2. melody madness- coolhand flex- in touch recs

3. burial- leviticus- philly blunt

4. code black- conquering lion- mango

5. being with you- foul play- moving shadow

6. worries in the dance- new blood- london som'ting

7. love me now- pooch & coulter- cut & run

8. wheel up- gunshot- no u turn

9. snowman- x project 1

10. superhero- house crew- production house

11. sound murderer- remarc- whitehouse

12. original nuttah- shy fx- sour

13. everyman- kenny ken- rugged vinyl

14. cool down- andy c- ram

15. free la funk Remix??-jmj & richie- moving shadow

16. music box remix- roin size / die- full cycle

17. war for 94- iq recs

18. skyy- mickey finn / l double- unity

19. fire- urban shakedown remix- labello blanco

20. license- krome & time- tearin vinyl

21. intelligent woman- rap- propper talent

22. love for the world- kemet

23. dem 2 ruff- w/l

24. arsonist- urban shakedown

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