1996-11-30 - Loftgroover @ Dreamscape 23

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0:29:52 68.31 192


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2015-11-20 (00:14) (CET)
Hour 2 Track 3 is not SL2. It is E-Lustrious "On the ragga tip" (M.O.S. 005)

Hour 2 Track 10 is Sapiano - Sputnik Sunday (IT six)

sorry for being such a nerd haha but I do love the Experience... chers

2015-11-20 (17:41) (CET)
Thanks for helping with corrections. Every detail is important. What about Hour1 Track 3? Is it the correct Track? I`m not sure.

2015-11-20 (17:45) (CET)
Hi Kaynitus, yeah it is Camargue by CJ Bolland not sure what mix actually but def. from the Remixes EP on R&S93022

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